Jumat, 30 Desember 2011

Sardine Curry

Today I have cooked Sardine Curry, I dont have enough time to chit chat here. Let's get direct to the recipe.


1 can of mackerel
1 tbsp chili powder*
2 tbsp fish curry powder*
1 tbsp tamarind paste
1 tomato (cut into wedges)
1 onion (sliced)
3 garlic (cut into 2)
1 stalk curry leaves
1 tsp fenugreek seed
1/2 cup coconut milk
Salt to taste

Cooing method:

* Mix chili powder and curry powder with little water and make into paste.In a pan, pour oil and fry onion till soft and add curry paste until the oil separates. Now add in potato,tomato,garlic, curry leaves and salt, pour some water and let it simmer. Then add coconut milk and tamarind juice, let boil until the potato is cooked. Lastly add the sardine and let the gravy simmer. Ready to serve.

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